Our Facility

Sanctuary & Chapel

The Chapel is used for the early Sunday Traditional Service at 8:15 AM. Piano and hymnals are used for praise. It is also used for small special services. The Sanctuary is used for the second Contemporary Sunday service at 10:30 AM. It is also used for larger special occasions. The second service is more contemporary with a Worship Team and large viewing screens. Call office at 717-540-8439

The Gathering Place

A room with tables, chairs, and a small kitchen. Used on Sunday mornings for one of our Bible fellowship groups from 9:15 to 10:15 am.  Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am the Men's Breakfast and Fellowship Group meets here. This room can be rented for special occasions as well, contact the church office at 717-540-8439 for information.

Common Grounds Cafe

Our coffee shop, a place you can sit, enjoy a beverage, and visit with others.  You'll probably find a tasty treat too!


Free to use during worship services so the parents can fully enjoy the services.

Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall is a large room set with tables and chairs.  It has a full kitchen and is used for social dining gatherings.

The room can also be rented for special occasions, call the office at 717-540-8439 for more information.

SURGE - Youth Ministry

An area in the lower level of the building used for Youth Ministries.
Located in the rear of the building on the Eastside. There are multiple rooms including a lounge, snack bar, game areas, stage, and theater used by our youth.

Conference Room
aka "Old Cafe"

A room (225) off the main lobby that is an all-purpose meeting room.  There is a large table with chairs as well as sofas and easy chairs, coffee table and side tables.  There is also a monitor, DVD player and hook up for a laptop.

The Learning Center

A room off the main lobby used for Sunday morning Bible fellowship from 9:15 am to 10:15 am. It is also used for other small group gatherings. During our Missions Conference Week, it is transformed into a display room for the persecuted churches around the world. Call the office at 717-540-8439

Follow Me Christian Day Care and Early Learning Center

A ministry of New Love in Christ Church.
Jennifer Granitz, Executive Director 717-540-0707